Host your own giveaway with Face-on-a-Stick Cutouts!

Create a custom cutout to use in your own giveaway. Use your face-on-a-stick cutouts for company giveaways, sports, concerts, and fundraisers!

Festival Big Heads

Order Cutouts in bulk for big events when a giveaway is called for! Use your cutouts for awesome causes like raising awareness or fundraising for the less fortunate. Cutouts can do a lot for a community!

Use Cutouts at big events to draw in crowds and promote the event on social media. Give out Logo Cutouts with information about the contest, event, or fundraiser!

Silly Emoji Fans on a Stick

Silly Emoji Fans on a Stick for events and parties.

You can also create games and photo booths with cutouts at big events to get people involved. Cutouts are great props for selfies and group photos!

Ordering your own Fan Cutout is easy! Simply visit, decide what photo you want to use or choose from our hundreds of shape cutouts, and contact us for a quote!

Our cutouts are lightweight and durable!

Host your own giveaway with your custom cutouts from Fans-on-a-Stick!

Using Fans-on-a-Stick Cutouts:

  • Create memorable cutouts
  • Give out cutouts at business launches and parties
  • Display cutouts at meetings
  • Include your contact information on cutouts for new clients
  • Take fun photos with clients, employees, and business partners
  • Improve your social media reach with fun cutout photos