What is Fans-on-a-Stick?

We are a company that provides creative fun for any occasion with our Face-on-a-Stick Cutouts! Our website helps you create your very own cutouts for large and small events! We offer different styles and varieties, so we have something for everyone! Our fun cutouts are also great for beating the heat, they double as a fan!

What products are offered from Fans-on-a-Stick?

We offer a wide variety of products including sports cutouts, wedding cutouts, birthday cutouts, and Emoji Cutouts! Each type of face cutout comes in either 12 x 18 inch or 9 x 12 inch sizes! (Emoji sizes vary).

What payment options are available?

We accept ALL major credit cards on our website!

How can I tell if my photo is good enough?

You can send us the photo and we will let you know if the resolution, light, and shape are good for cutouts.

What are some tips for taking a good photo to use for cutouts?

No matter what type of camera you are using, it always helps when you are using a flash when taking the picture. The photograph will be more sharp and blurring can be prevented. Take the picture as close as possible and make sure that the whole part of the head is being captured.

If you are taking a picture of someone with a hat, headdress and something similar, make sure to take the photo so that the whole part of the headpiece you intend to include will be showing on the cut-out head, otherwise it’s better not to put anything on your head.

Do I need to cut and crop my photo myself?

We will take care of the cutting and cropping for you! Just be sure to send us any special instructions you may have. In addition, please indicate which head in the photo you intend to use for the cutout (in the case that there are multiple people in the photo).

Does Fans-on-a-Stick offer any custom sizes that do not appear on the website?

Typically, we try to keep our pages updated on the products we can provide, however it doesn’t hurt to ask! Our friendly staff are waiting to assist you! Contact us here.

What is the usual turnaround time?

Any order placed before 11:30PM EST will be shipped out that next afternoon.
From then it is either 1-3 business days, or 3-5 business days. (Depending on which shipping option you choose).

What are your shipping rates?

Ground(3-5 bus days): $7.99
Rush(1-3 bus days): $12.99

If you need your cutouts by a certain date, we suggest rush shipping!

How much is shipping for more than one Fan Cutout?

Typically the same as mentioned above. However the price goes up with large orders.

Can you ship outside of the United States?

We do not currently offer international shipping.

Can I change the shipping address on my order?

Because we move at such a fast pace, usually no. Once the process gets started, your custom cutouts are quickly shipped out!

Can we use celebrity faces for cutouts?

We cannot print licensed faces on our own. However, if you own a photo or find a photo to use, you can upload it in our website when placing the order.

Is there a discount for bulk orders?

The price per unit becomes cheaper, the larger the bulk order is.

What is the Order Cancellation Policy?

Because orders are all custom, once we start the process and ship your cutouts, we cannot cancel the order. If you cancel your order before it has been shipped out, we can refund your shipping fee but not the product fee. If you choose to cancel your order after submitting and paying, you will be assesed a $5 restock fee. Our process is complex, so please try to make sure you’re happy with your order before submitting!