Nerd Emoji Fans on a Stick

Are you a nerd, or do you consider yourself a nerd? Even if you don’t, Nerd emoji will look cool at your next party! Why? Because nobody wants to be seen as a nerd unless they’re proud of it. Bringing a Nerd emoji to your next party of get-together with friends will create much conversations and more to talk about! Not like you need more to talk about, but this will spice up your party even more.

Make it a party to remember with Nerd emojis. Our emoji cutouts are made with the highest quality material and are sure to get you excited with a nerd being at the party!
Nerd Emojis

You can use your cutout as a fan or the biggest party prop you’ve ever seen. It’s sure to be a hit among your closest from and acquaintances. We specialize in creating the coolest props so you will stand out at the party and have many memories to share with friends when it’s all over.

Our cutouts are designed just the way you order it. So have a question or want to make a bulk order call us today!

We offer a variation of different cutouts that are good for your special party or get together:

Birthday Party Big Heads

Scared Emoji Fans On A Stick

Say No Evil Fans On A Stick

Silly Emoji Fans On A Stick

Even if you don’t feel like a nerd, your friends will get a kick out of Nerd Emoji’s being present at your party. If you friend is a nerd and you know it, gift this to them as a present to make them feel special. They will never forget how thoughtful you were by getting them a face cutout of their personality!

We at Fans On A Stick are here for your party needs. If you have any questions about our products or would like to make an order you can call us at 888-507-9984 or email us at